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We envision a major 40 year retrospective showcase of the work of Marek Buchwald, highlighting his pioneering influence on creating an entirely new genre of art, one that represents a synthesis of East-West aesthetics. We also envision the show will illuminate the centrality in impact of this genre on the current rise in interest in all things Eastern, in the West.
IF you are among the many hundreds of thousands of individuals who:
    Were mentored in your art by Marek
    Were influenced in your spiritual path by his art
    Are currently immersed in traditions and practices
    rooted in the Vedas ,including yoga, auyerveda, meditation
AND you have specific and relevant business, gallery, museum , publicity, fiscal skills, background and resources to potentially contribute to manifesting this vision, please contact us.
The current location and current stewardship most of the EARLY PAINTINGS originals is unknown to the artist.
Additionally, many individuals have come into possession of sketches and studies renderd by the artist (We have even heard of a sketch salvaged from a trash can at his desk that is proudly hanging in someone’s home!)
Anyone who has or knows of the current location / stewardship of any Marek Buchwald originals, is kindly requested to contact the artist or the artist’s representative in preparation for the retrospective showing of the artist’s body of work at a major art institution.