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    Marek Buchwald: Transcendental Art Pioneer
Q: What do a temple in Vrindavan, India, a museum in Los Angeles, and an art gallery in Southern California, Disney animation archives, luxury hotel design trade shows in Las Vegas, elite Japanese fashion, yoga studios and living rooms around the world have in common?
A: The unique, radically beautiful, genre defining art of Marek Buchwald.
Marek Buchwald is described by both collectors and colleagues as a Master artist, often compared with daVinci and Michelangelo.
Glancing at a work of art by Marek Buchwald, viewers of all backgrounds are typically mesmerized by a deeply rich world of beauty that is both sharply real and wonderously dreamlike. The artist stays true in process and intent to the Vedic tradition of art as “a window into the transcendental world”.
While Inspired by ancient Vedic epics, each art work by Marek Buchwald is a unique living manifestation revealed to the artist in meditation, over his 35 years of devotional practice and scholarly studies in the devotional branch of yoga, known as Bhakti.
Marek greatly influenced an entire generation of artists, mentoring literally hundreds of artists, bringing devotional images from India to the West and infusing the traditional Eastern aesthetics with new vitality and boldness.
Buchwald’s devotional art and chanting profoundly influenced the Zeitgeist of the early 70s, deeply feeding and inspiring the artisian well of cultural creatives of our time, and opening the way for the tidal wave of enthusiam for yoga today.
After recent decades in the Hollywood animation film industry, Buchwald continues in his pioneering quest, now carrying another great vision:
to bring the epic tales of the Vedas to a world audience
through the synthesis of high quality fine art and animated film.
High quality archival prints are available of many of Buchwald’s works. All originals are done on a commission basis. Serious film and find art print investor enquiries welcome.
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