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If a master painter from the Renaissance period reincarnated with a mission of revealing the subtle nuances of yoga philosophy, bringing the East and West together through mystery and mastery, his name would be Marek Buchwald.
His beautiful work inspires my soul.
Jeffrey Armstrong
A Western Master of Eastern Wisdom
Dear Marek,
Mahatma Gandhi says,
"All true art must help the soul to realize its inner self. True art must be evidence of the happiness, contentment and purity of its authors".
Your art, Marek, is such art. It captures and enlivens the artist in everyone with its exquisite vibrancy, opening windows to the World of Transcendence. The room is beautified because of your art work!
Thank you.
Holistic Health Practitioner, Austin Texas
"I am the happy owner of a Krishna and Radha print. Marek's capturing of the delight and discovery between the two opens the viewer to new concepts of love. His inspired style and precise technique are rare gems. Each view is new."
Jaisri Lambert ,
Auyervedic HealthCare Provider and Educator
Marek Buchwald is a world class artist. I consider him an artist for all time.
His subject matter is derived from the great stories of the Hindu sacred texts. Just as the great masters of our western tradition have painted stories based on Greek and Roman mythology and the stories of the Bible, so does Marek gives elaborate expression to the stories of Bhagavad-Gita and the Ramayana.
It is astonishing how vividly he is able to anchor in visual image that interface of the divine and the sacred meeting the human experience of this earth plane. Marek’s realistic rendering of the multidimensional drama of the human/god experience is breathtaking. In his refined imagination, the fantastic possibility of other dimensions and planes of existence become so grounded in image, form, color and story that these great spiritual teaching stories are accessible to everyone.
We are very blessed to have Marek’s art work, for he is a high priest, whose visual imagination enables us to enter a very sacred portal. I am presently living Marek's artwork and they lift the vibration and the whole atmosphere of my house.
Ruth Gould-Goodman
Accupuncturist , Energy Healer , Teacher of Sacred Dance
Dear Marek,
My wife and I framed your portrait of Krishna and Radha in a manner fitting for The Lord and His consort.
They are matted in royal blue silk and framed in embossed silver. We hung Them so we can see Them from our bed where the emotion that is palpable between The Divine Lovers can inspire us to remember The Divine bond we share as husband and wife.
The whole room is somehow more peaceful now.
Michael Chusid, FCSI