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…all about personalized, commissioned works of art
Fine Art of Marek Buchwald
Devotional Art for Personal and Public Spaces
ALL of Marek Buchwald’s Original Works of Art
are personally commissioned pieces. *
* The artist retains copyright for all forms of reproduction and publication.
Do you have a favorite intimate or spiritual mood, story, deity form,
mythic / archetypal image, sacred dream , scene / view, memory or moment you
would love to see come alive and interpreted through the loving vision and world
class refined artistry of Marek Buchwald?
Examples of Commissioned Works:
"The Kiss” was a commissioned portrait from a photograph
of the moment after this couple’s baby was born.
“Shiva Nataraj” was a commissioned drawing ,
commissioned as a gift for a dear relative,
who was described to the artist as “fiery and martial” in spiritual mood.
“Rasa Raj: The Divine Lovers”
was a commissioned oil painting,
intended for a special limited edition coffee table scale book
of Vedic art reproductions.
“The Enchanted Deer”
was originally commissioned by a luxury custom furniture manufacturer
to add a work of fine art to his product line.
Commissioned works are discussed in detail, in terms of your needs, desires, budget, mediums,
and the artist’s time availability and timeline.
The more significant the project, the more “step-wise” the contract,
design renderings ,consultations and payment plan.
A commissioned work is a true creative collaboration!
To schedule a private appointment:
Contact: hanna chusid