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There are five groups of images in this Gallery.
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This Galley features images from the epic Ramayana, possible the most widely known epic in all the world, with versions in all Asian and Pacific Rim cultures.
In The Ramayana, The Divine takes birth on earth in human form, Prince Rama, and temporarily forgetting his true identity as God Similarly, The Goddess takes birth as Princess Sita, also forgetting her true Divine nature. Prince Rama, and Princess Sita fall in love, marry, and apparently due to a series of scandals caused by jealousy of them, are banished from the kingdom and go into exile in the forest of Lanka.
Out of deep loving loyalty, Rama’s brother Laxman accompanies them into this exile. After years in the forest, living simple, The ultimate, cosmic demon Ravana tricks the exiles ,with the help of an enchanted yogi -magician who disguises himself as an awesomely beautiful deer, and manages to kidnap Sita whom he wants to possess for her great transcendental beauty.
This begins Rama’s hero’s quest to rescue his Beloved Sita. Rama is aided in his quest by Hanuman, the Mokey King and his loyal servant and friend, who himself is fulfilled and magnified through his devoted service. Rama, with the aide of Hanuman, is of course successful in rescuing Sita, and brings down the demon Ravana in the process, thus fulfilling the deeper purpose of his apparent human birth.
Animation Development:
These images were originally created as development art to inspire a feature length animated films of highest quality art featuring the stories of The Ramayana epic. Hollywood’s top animation artists and technical experts have rallied around this project. Serious enquiries regarding investment opportunities may be directed to the artist’s representative.