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“The Enchanted Deer”pon custom order. Production and delivery time varies with artists’ schedules. Color and special effect glazes space holderavailable at additional cost.
Media: Clay Original
Limited Edition 4’x 6’ Terracotta Tile Mural (24 tiles);Mounted on Wood backingPro
Click on each image to view the image in larger scale.
The Enchanted Deer
The Enchanted Deer - detail
This beautifully rendered mural details a timeless moment from the world reknown epic of The Ramayana . Here,the newly married Prince Rama and Princess Sita together with Laxman, Rama’s loyal brother, are in exile from the royal court and are living in the forest. A yogi-magician, disguised as an enchanted rainbow colored, jewel encrusted deer distracts Sita from her Beloved. This is the essence of maya, illusion. Seeing her desire for the exquisite creature, Rama promises to pursue the deer and bring it back for Sita. His pursuit of the Enchanted Deer opens the way for Sita’s kidnapping by the ultimate demon Ravana , leading Rama deeper into fulfilling his dharma, that of bringing down the demon.
"The Making of 'The Enchanted Deer'" (Quicktime Video coming soon!)
Video available or private showing now for serious inquiries.